My Devotional Today: Hope on God Despite Trials

5개월 전

Why are you downcast, oh my soul,
And are you troubled inside of me?
Wait on God; because I still have to praise him,
My salvation and my God. Psalm 42: 5 King James Version (KJV)

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When trials come, the soul is invaded by negative emotions that produce depression. Nobody wants to go through tests, however, we live in a time of devastation as a result of the pandemic. Recently, a very close relative was diagnosed with “Covid” and this has caused a lot of sadness in the family.

Sometimes we feel powerless when we don't know what to do to quickly overcome the “Covid” plague. This generates a lot of despair. Our family member is there with oxygen and it is up to us to fight the battle in the spiritual realm. We pray to God so that our family member overcomes this illness and we can have him with us again.

Our soul is overwhelmed by the many tribulations, however the psalmist recommends that even in the test we do not stop praising God. It is in the midst of difficulties that we most have to seek the Lord's help.

My hope is in God and I believe that the Lord lifts my aunt out of the situation that she has had to live with with this disease.

I continue to hope in God and I continue to praise him in the midst of this ordeal that we have had to live. We must confidently wait for the Lord and praise him in the midst of the hard and difficult battle against the “Covid”.

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