One Important Thing To Have As A child Of God!

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2 Timothy 2:4, says: "No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier." KJV.

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Spiritual discipline is the process of consistently subjecting one’s mind or body to training and equipping under God to attain the needed stature and posture to contend with any situation of life.

It is built and maintained through the pursuit of God, determination, concentration, self-denial, holy living, devotion to studies and other spiritual exercises. The devil is aware that he will continue to fail as long as we are consistent with the practice of spiritual discipline and he, being the master of manipulations and confusion will keep fighting our ability to maintain that stature so as to keep us in bondage.

He also bring some seemingly-necessary but spiritually hazardous packages which has the capacity to blindfold our spiritual sight, distract and cause retrogression [1 Cor 10:23].
Spiritual discipline produces the capacity not only to defend ourselves but also to take over the enemy’s territories without missing our targets. It also enhances our spiritual growth and development.

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Failure to submit to spiritual discipline will make us impaired, deficient, and ineffective in the days of battle, making us potential casualties therein.

Spiritual discipline is a lifting process. Missing any stage of it is very disastrous, which is mostly evident in the day of battle. Therefore, make the most of it as a child of God [Ephesians 5:16], so that you do not becomes a victim in the day of battle.

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