My Introduction Post to the Heart Church Community, by @davidalloy

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I'm glad to be a member of this Community, and steemit at large.
It's a known fact that the spiritual, controls the physical, and as such I've programed myself to live my life with this great fact.
Bring a member and a newbie in the heart church community is a thing of joy to me, May God bless you all.
Having being on the steemit platform for the past one month since I joined, and as it's customary with me, i would love to introduce myself.



I am Umoh David, an indigene of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria I am currently an undergraduate student at the prestigious and unique University of Port Harcourt, pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering.

By God's special grace, I'm born again, and i plan to retain my salvation till the second coming of Christ. I was born and brought up in a Christian home, where I was impacted with moral standards through teachings from the Bible, although, that's not a creteria of being s child of God. That's the reason i press onward always, to achieve that, for which i was saved for.
I'm a member of a bible believing church, alongside my immediate family members who are ministers in the ministry, with a branch in Akwa Ibom State.

My Contribution

  1. I plan to improve and strengthen my spiritual and prayer life, throughout my engagement on this Community.

  2. Being a part of this Community, i hope to build and lead a pure and holy lifestyle.

  3. I also plan on being a source of illumination to the all and sundry of this Community throughout my post.

I pray and believe I'll be an instrument by God, to touch lives here, be a source of encouragement, and also to be blessed by my fellow members here, so help me God.


My Steemit profile.

It feels good to be a part of this Community.
Here's my link to get to know more about me: Achievement 1: My Introduction Post to the Newcomers' steemit Community @davidalloy..

Special thanks to
@steemcurator and
for their support to the Heart Church Community.

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