My opinion on how we can improve heartchurch website


Good morning everyone, I'm very happy to join this challenge and to share my humble opinion on how we can improve our beloved website I will like to share ways in which I think the website will be more useful and we can engage in using it more.


The website must be what everybody find joy in visiting. What I mean by saying this is that we must find a way that both new and old members must engage in using it frequently and these are things I think we can do.

website for all

If we look at our website very well is only new members that use it more and even the old don't have time to use it like the new ones. It not suppose to be like that because what is the point in having a website where you go once in while and not everyday. Heartchurch website must be prioritize over all. Not only for registration of telos but also usage among old members and the new one.

Find a way we visit the website on daily basis.

If we look at steemit some people take advantage of it to create a website and bring more traffic to that website by just giving people what they need for example, we all know about bidvote, some bidvote group on steemit then owns a website that if you want to buy a vote you must go through their website to get the bid. Don't get me wrong because steemchurch is not like that just using that as an example, I learned something from there it a win situation for the two parties.


We can apply some strategy on our website too .




Submitting post



Rankings: there must be reasons we do everything on this site, that is where ranking comes in. Just like steemit where ranking is there to know how much you engage and how far you have been on the site, we should apply this method. When you comment, like, refer people to telos and to the church their should be ranking. For all of our members on telegram that are not on steemit can join too. We can even do it in a way that per likes on your post you get certain amounts of heart.

Submitting post: this can also get more traffic on the site because it will not only give us a reason but also bring us together under the umbrella of the church. You will also have free access to the a lot of post per day and also in one place.

section: this will be would be nice, Nigeria section should be different from Venezuela sections, different from Ghana also so as make it in order and also easier to use.


I strongly believe doing this will bring about change on the site and more people will engage in using and promoting the site. This is just an opinion on how we can make things work

Thanks for your time.


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