A Pandoras Box

4개월 전

We know the expression a pandoras box as when something is done that seems harmless but its result has consequences that can result in a real catastrophe.


In life there are situations that we experience every day and one of them are the relationships we establish with others, there are people who come to us and change our lives, some in a positive way and others in such a way that we wish we had never met them.

There are people who are a real pandoras box, they seem to be harmless, you allow them to enter your life, you give them your friendship and trust, but you end up being betrayed, and not only that, there are those who create a big storm in your life, without deserving it and without having provoked it, they abused your trust and friendship.
That is why it is important not to get carried away by appearances, but before opening the doors of our life to someone we must wait for them to gain enough trust so that later they do not surprise us with actions that hurt us and it is too late to correct those actions.

It is true that we cannot live without relating to others, but we must be careful about the relationships we form, how we form them and with whom. Having a watchful eye does not mean that you live defensively judging everyone who approaches you or believing that they are doing it to harm you or to acquire something from you, there are still people in the world who are kind, caring friends, and who deserve to be valued and treasured.

Beware of those pandoras boxes, of those people who only know how to destabilize the lives of others, who have a spiteful heart hidden behind their smile, flee from this type of people who do not know how to give the value of love, brotherhood and all the affection that friendship can generate.


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Excelente reflexión, muy acertada.