A Time for Everything

2개월 전

Everything has its time, there is a specific time and space for anything that exists or wants to be done and this is something biblical;

Ecclesiastes 3
1 Everything has its time, and everything that is wanted under the sky has its time.



Currently we live running from here to there, inventing things, always wanting to find something else, it is as if we want what we do not have and do not value what we have.

Unfortunately many realize this when it is too late, they begin to understand the true meaning of life when they have very little left of it, or they begin to value what they no longer have, what they have already lost.

There are many anecdotes and testimony of this, but even so the world continues to advance without the necessary pause to understand its purpose.

It is time to stop and analyze, think about the things we are doing or have stopped doing, there is a time for everything, why run, why hurry, because wanting to help God, He does not need it, He established a perfect time for everything here on earth.

There are many people going around today, in a circle, they do not advance, they roll and roll but they cannot achieve what they propose, because they are doing everything in their power, according to their own criteria and not God's. There may be a special task for you but there is also a time for it, it is not when you say it, but when God has already prepared you for it that you will be ready to achieve it.

The same happens with people who have lost even their health trying to lead life at a pace that they cannot sustain themselves, they are celebrating a life today and are already thinking about the day they will die, it seems exaggerated, but it is so.

People who are dining today in a pleasant atmosphere, an exquisite meal, and do not enjoy it thinking about the bill, or thinking that they are going to eat the next day, with this I do not want to tell you that you are an irresponsible person and live wildly, but if you must stop to enjoy the things you have today, and that everything is determined to happen in the time that God established it.

Let us understand the times and ask God for wisdom to discern his will and the correct times of what we want in our life.

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Excelente reflexión acerca del tiempo, vimos nuestra vida pensando en el mañana sin disfrutar realmente lo que hoy tenemos por gracia de dios dada a nosotros, disculpe tengo una pregunta, ¿como puedo verificarme como miembro de esta comunidad?