Humility Before Correction

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When we are corrected and we have the ability to accept that correction we are opening a door of blessing for our life, humility in the face of correction translates into healing, the reason for this is found in Proverbs 29:

1 The man that is rebuked hardeneth his neck, Suddenly he shall be broken, and there shall be no medicine for him.
Sometimes we worry about friends or relatives in which we see in them certain attitudes that concern us and as we esteem them we want to correct them, not to criticize or destroy them, but rather for them to grow as people and develop pleasant attitudes that bring to their lives welfare, but sometimes these calls for attention are received in a not very pleasant way, although we warn them they refuse to accept it, therefore they are calling to their lives unhappiness, they will be punished for their rebellion.


That is why it is important that before speaking about some kind of correction to someone we love, it is good to pray to God and place this situation and the person in His hands, so that He prepares their heart and is receptive when it is time to listen.

And we ourselves must be attentive when we are the ones being corrected, we must be receptive to any call of attention, because if we take the wrong attitude we can end up taking our life to a precipice.

Some have seen how their life has reached very low levels, without finding any kind of comfort, but this has happened because of the rebellion they presented at the moment they received a call of attention from God, and I say this because sometimes God uses people to bring us an awakening but then we neglect and do not value what He wants to teach us.
Do not allow your life to fall apart, nor get to the point where you can not find comfort, be attentive to the voice of God, to his teaching, so that your life is not broken without comfort or shelter.

I believe that one of the biggest mistakes that a person can have is to be stubborn, to be stubborn in what should not change or listen to anyone, this type of people move away from God considerably and therefore do not find their way back to his arms. We can get upset sometimes when we are corrected but we must learn to listen to this correction, analyze it and see that God wants to teach us through our parents, our family and friends, and be humble to recognize that we are not always right and that God loves the one who allows himself to become mud in his hands.


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A humble person recognizes his strengths without bragging and appreciates all the good he has and is valued, then he will not feel, among other things, the envy of other people. It is an attitude that enriches. Humility produces prudence, which is very necessary to achieve success in life, in addition humility opens doors especially those of the kingdom because this pleases God