The Advice I Should listen to

5개월 전

How many of us many times we look for someone else's opinion, sometimes we feel uncertainty when making a decision, we are not sure of what we want, we feel fear for not knowing what is the right decision, then we start to inquire among friends, to ask what they would do in our case, in fact there are people who use even the internet chats to see what opinions exist regarding some topic.



But the right decision is that when we do not know what decision to make or which path to choose, we seek God's opinion, and this is found. Through the word of God and prayer.

While it is true that there are friends and family, people who love us and want us to do well, but this is not enough, because these people can also be wrong in their humanity, or may be directing you to an unstable or wrong path in your life.

So finding good advice is not easy. Good advice is not easy because everyone is not prepared for it, even if they do not do it with bad intentions, they can give you a wrong concept or direct you to a way out that will bring you more problems.

The advice you should listen to will always come from those who are mature enough, someone in authority above you. God's Holy Spirit will always direct you to the right path, but also people full of Him can be used by God to lift you up, restore you, or lead you to the path where you should be.

Never ask someone for advice without carefully considering what kind of person they are, if God is really a part of their life, not everyone is prepared to do that. Your best guide is God, the best advice is found in the Bible, so why take a risk when you can perfectly fit your life to God's direction.

Before making any important decision in your life, don't think about going around shouting, rather take some time to pray and listen to the best advice anyone can give you, and that is from your heavenly father.

Listen only to the voice of God in your life, when you begin to do so, the other voices will be muffled and you will be able to make his advice a reality in your life, then you will hear from God, your father, the advice you should listen to.

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