Micah 1: 3-4
"For behold, the LORD comes out of his place, and he will come down and trample the heights of the earth. Beneath him the mountains will melt, and the valleys will split, like wax before fire, like waters poured out on a slope "

God will never leave his people in the valleys He used the valleys on his children to give him victory in the battles they waged and it was in the valleys that he shaped his character and prepared them for battles


God takes us out of a valley to take us to the mountain because the mountain is the reward in the mountain is the promise but many times God also allows the mountains to go down to the valley because in the valley the battle is fought in the valley is where learn.

Many people despair when they go through the valleys and want to change everything so as not to go through them, but this is really impossible because it is necessary to go through them in order to see the reward according to our attitudes.

Everyone assumes an attitude when going through problems but it is our attitudes that define our reward since not everyone assumes them in the same way

You don't run away from the valleys because from the valleys you learn for example this season that we are living represents the valleys but in these valleys we are learning things that help us to be better people with this pandemic that we are living we are learning to be a better mother better father best citizen best friend best businessman or best dreamers we are learning to value what we had never valued and what we were neglecting for the pleasures of this world.

There are moments in life that we forget our dreams but God allows us the valley so that we can dream again, remembering José the dreamer went through terrible valleys but never stopped dreaming on the contrary the valleys prepared him to be the best dreamer of all antiquity

Today God wants you to resurrect your dreams that He does not stop you these valleys that you are passing or that He has allowed you to pass, nothing can stop your dreams!

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