Vituperation Can Also Teach Us

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If you have ever felt that someone has criticized you very harshly, and without being right, you will know that feeling so denigrating that makes you feel powerless and unjustly harmed.


This is known as vituperation and many times we are a victim of it, without ourselves realizing it.
But even this evil has its benefits, read well, those who are reviled, reviled, those who suffer some kind of infamy and injustice.

The blessing is not for the one who is mistreated for his sake, for bad decisions or bad actions, it is for those who are unjustly blasphemed and even more so if they do so because of the gospel of Jesus.

Many people today are unjustly accused for the simple fact of thinking differently, of bearing the name of God, of wanting to preach it, of wanting to teach others what they have learned through the word of God.

Beloved, it is true that it gives us a lot of anger and sadness when we are unjustly mistreated, but let us remember that Jesus was also unjust and even so he endured until he obtained the highest degree that God can give someone, He being holy, he endured the reproach of those who were not. , just to fulfill its purpose, the more we have weaknesses and many times we give rise to treat us that way.

We must fill ourselves with the necessary strength to withstand trials, to trust that God has a purpose for everything and although that hurts us, He will transform it into a good for us, nothing teaches more than the experiences we live and this helps us straighten our steps.

God more than anyone desires our well-being and bless us with much peace, that is why we must always seek peace and follow it, as the bible declares.

Let's not resist learning from experiences, rather let's make way for them to learn through them.

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