Week 2 // "The challenge of power for a community" // @elpastor


Greetings to the entire HeartChurch International Ministry community.

Our second week of the great challenge "Power for a community" begins. The main objective of this second week of the challenge is:

Be a multiplier of the blessing, enter a family member, friend or acquaintance who wishes to be part of this international Christian movement, consolidation to the end. (Active user). "@darlenys01"

This time I will be sharing with you, the registration of a new user to the Telos platform, which does not have a Steemit account.

Our new user is called Johaliz García, who lives in the city of Cantaura del Edo. Anzoategui / Venezuela. She is currently a Christian, the word of God was shared with her and she received Christ. A brief review was made of the history of the International HeartChurch Ministry and on the Telos platform, showing great interest in being part of this ministry. Your Telos login is detailed below:

We enter the official website of HeartChurch:

Official website: https://www.heart-church.org/

We touch the register button and the registration process begins considering the personal data of our user Johaliz García.

portada registrarse.jpg

The fields are filled carefully taking into account the mandatory fields and the eligibility conditions.

registro johaliz-jc.jpg

registro johaliz-jc parte 2.jpg

The user Joha.jc was informed that his personal Telos password will reach him through his email. You are reminded that your personal password is not transferable.

comprobante de registro correo enviado.jpg

In this way, a new user was processed to enter the Telos platform. It is our duty to continue guiding the user in all processes and operations of the HeartChurch International Ministry. In the coming days we will be doing this same registration with other users, so that the HeartChurch community continues its numerical growth. Blessings for all.

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Recuerde, instalar el monedero y enviarle 01 Heart para que pueda participar en el goldencenser.


Saludos apóstol. Estaré pendiente de este detalle. Bendiciones.

Good one, this is quite detailed. I'm sure people like myself could learn from this and register once I get a good phone.


Thanks for comment. Blessings.