Do not Pay Evil with Evil


Romans 12:17; Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men.


On a normal day when one offends you how do you react? Do react quickly and harshly? Do you intend to also offend of harm the person back? Or you breath on it and find the proper way to approach the situation and solve it accordingly.

Most people hardly go by the latter, because we would be so angry and the thought been wronged that we lash out and end up exacerbating the whole situation, sometimes causing more harm that we anticipated. In the end we drive a wedge between us and the people we love or loved and then we spoil a very good relationship.

It is never an easy thing to breath on a bad situation because we are used to the instinct of rapid fire and attacking so as not to look weak in the presence of our friends or folks. But this is not the best option. Paying evil with good is never a sign of weakness rather is a sign of strength and maturity. It takes of you to restrain yourself than to lash out to people when they do you harm or intend to do you harm.


How we react to offense correlate with our spiritual maturity, revenge is never the right option and meekness is never a sign of weakness nor is submitting to what God expects you to do and he expects us not to pay evil with evil. Brethren as you a start a new week, it is my prayer and hope for you that you learn to restrain yourself in unfavorable instances that you may grow stronger in the Lord. Have a wonderful week.

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