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If you are like me, a new member of HeartChurch International Ministry, I recommend you visit the following ministry website.

Official website:

I first thank God for this interesting privilege that has given me to be an active part of the HeartChurch ministry. When I started studying how to get to know what HeartChurch really means and represents, I found that it is the first blockchain church to exist with international projection. I can assure you that this information can be found on the HeartChurch International Ministry website.

At first I thought it was just a virtual ministry, but then I found it to be a fully organized community, with a "Vision and a Mission." This gives me the idea that it is not a simple community, but a community with a defined purpose to impact the world. In my country Venezuela, it has a significant number of members, and here is precisely one of the central leaders of this ministry, who is the apostle @ darlenys01, on the HeartChurch website you will find important details of the life of this beautiful woman.

When I started reviewing every field on the website, I was able to visualize that this ministry also has links to other blockchain applications, such as Telos, Steemit. Hiva etc.
In this community there are social projects of great community impact, I was very struck by the preparation and training of church members and then they send them to carry out social work within their communities.

Actually, there is a lot of important information about this ministry that as a new user is interesting to know. So friend reader, follow the web route and you will get more information from the HeartChurch International Ministry.

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HeartChurch Ministry is thanked for the support with the images taken for this publication.

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@enderson49 Hola Bienvenido a Heartchurch!

Compartiré tu publicación en mi twitter, no tengo muchos seguidores ahí pero todo ayuda para promover la web de Heartchurch. Gracias por tu artículo.