Be careful what you say and measure each word


Each word that comes out of our mouth carries with it a set of responsibilities that lead us to experience pleasant or unpleasant consequences.

Taking care of what we speak leads us to measure every word that comes out of our mouth. The wise man speaks prudently because he has an important degree of wisdom, however the fool becomes foolish with what he says and gets caught up in the consequences of his sayings.

The book of proverbs presents two categories of people: the wise or prudent and the fool, fool or mocking. The former seeks wisdom and loves instruction; the second rejects discipline and correction. Also each one can be characterized by the relationship with their parents and other authorities; the first giving them joy and happiness, the second covering them with shame, misfortune and sadness. The book of proverbs exhorts us to seek wisdom and despise the fool and his folly.

Wise men keep wisdom;
But the mouth of the fool is near destruction. Proverbs 10:14

In life it is necessary to take care of what we speak, this guarantees us a degree of wisdom and if we speak foolishly, we will have calamities very close to us.

Every word that comes out of our mouth, for it we will give an account before God. In this sense, we should not speak unless what we have to say is important. If we have to speak, let it be only to edify and strengthen those who listen to us. Herein lies the sage.

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