Choose to trust the absolute sovereignty of God in any adversity


The way of thinking of all believers and non-believers must focus on the fact that God is absolutely sovereign and exercises control and dominion over the physical and spiritual world.

If God is the creator of everything that exists and everything that is not seen, then he is sovereign to choose what he considers for his creation. When we lose sight of God's sovereignty, we err and fall into the world of speculation and perdition.

In the book of Job we find a great teaching of the sovereignty of God and it is important that we mentalize ourselves that God does as he wants and not what others consider, that God should do.

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6 One day the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, including Satan. 7 And the Lord said to Satan, Where do you come from? Answering the Lord, Satan said: To go about the earth and walk in it. 8 And Jehovah said to Satan: Have you not considered my servant Job, that there is no other like him on earth, a perfect and upright man, fearing God and turning away from evil? 9 Satan answered Jehovah and said, Does Job fear God for nothing? 10 Have you not hemmed him and his house and everything he has around? You have blessed the work of their hands; therefore, their goods have increased on the earth. 11 But now reach out your hand and touch everything he has, and you will see if he does not blaspheme you in your very presence. 12 The Lord said to Satan, Behold, all that he has is in your hand; just don't put your hand on it. And Satan came out from before the Lord. Job 1: 6-12

God is so sovereign that Satan had to admit that he could do nothing to Job, because God had a hedge on all his property and family. In the same way, in these biblical portions we understand that Satan has nothing in this world, everything belongs to God.

God enriches whom He wants to enrich and impoverishes whom He wants to impoverish. Satan wanted to ruin Job's life and he couldn't do it, until God in his full sovereignty allowed him to.

The sovereignty of God leads him to go through fire and adversity to any of his children, not because God wants to harm his children, but because in addition to exercising dominion and control over his creation, God knows that in the hearts of his children to strength and courage to be victorious in adversity.

What I like about this teaching is that Satan has to ask God for permission to plot any evil against the children of God. In the same way, these biblical portions highlight that God is sovereign and does as he wants and not as no one recommends that he should act.

If any child of God is in trial or adversity, he must know that if it is God's will, the Lord will not forsake him, but will make him prosper as he did with Job at the end of his story.

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