God alone Most High over all the earth

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And know that your name is Jehovah;
You alone Most High over all the earth.
Psalms 83:18 Reina-Valera 1960 (KJV)

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Jehovah is the name of the God of Israel and the God of all the earth. Outside of Him there are no gods, He is the first and last, beginning and end.

If we do not have understanding, that there is only one God and that He does not share His glory with anyone, we will be wandering on the path of idolatry. Sadly, this happened to the people of Israel, after God brought them from Egypt where they were slaves and planted them like a vine in the promised land, they became idolaters and God delivered them into captivity in Babylon.

All the peoples of the earth must know that God is above any worship, if any people want to worship a god, it must be the only one that exists, who is called Jehovah of armies.

Sadly, in my nation, Venezuela, we have fallen into the world of idolatry, recently a mortal named Josegregorio Hernández was venerated and many Venezuelans adore him and ask him to perform miracles to heal the sick.

The word in reference makes it clear to us that the only Most High over all the earth is Jehovah. He is the only one who works a miracle and heals the sick and to Him all things are subject, because by Him they were created.

In Venezuela, not only Josegregorio Hernández is worshiped, but also other images such as Guaicaipuro, La virgen del valle, de la coromoto and a set of idols. All this arouses the jealousy and wrath of God.

It is important that Christians pray for our nations, especially for Venezuela, so that God's mercy covers us and takes us out of the muddy well from where we are now.

It is time to recognize that Jehovah is the only God and the Most High over all the earth.

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