God is not a man to lie!

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God is not a man for him to lie, nor a son of man for him to repent.
He said, and won't he? He spoke, and will he not execute it? Numbers 23: 19

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When we take a look towards the Middle East, we find a promise from God, very well fulfilled to Abraham, when God told him that a glorious nation would come out of him, he was referring to the people of Israel.

Israel came from being a word that God spoke to a man as a promise that he would fulfill. God not only spoke, but He also delivered.

God promised the people of Israel that a Messiah would come, who would suffer and save humanity, and God kept his word when he sent his Son Jesus Christ. God fulfills what he promises, because he is not a man, which is characterized by lying, God is truthful, God is the truth itself, so it cannot be said against. God keeps what He promises because God cannot lie.

The only one who has the ability to lie is Satan, who is the father of lies. The man who lies is a disciple of Satan.

Jesus Christ, was declared as the way, the truth and the life. "God is truth and God is life." God is not the son of man to live under the yoke of lies. God is the truth and His throne is established in what He is, truth and justice.

God promised that the rapture of the church is coming. This word is true and we must be prepared to participate in this event.

Everything that comes from man is a source of lies and what comes from God is pure truth. The Bible is God's truth, we must anchor our hearts in the source of biblical truth.

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