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I recently made my membership in HeartChurch International Ministry. I did not know many things about its operation as a blockchain and its organizational structure. It completely ignored who its founders had been and how it is currently organized.

What has always caught my attention is the comment on how it has been impacting the world. By studying more about this community, I was able to obtain as information that it has a website where we can thoroughly know all the details of its operation.

I have been able to read that HeartChurch is an international ministry that currently operates in Venezuela, Nigeria, Ghana, and the Philippines; which are known within HeartChurch as parishes.

The founder of this International Ministry is a servant of God named @sirknight, who is a highly respected and appreciated leader within the community. It is currently managed by Darlenys Ugas, who carries the username @darleyns01 and on the website of this ministry you will find very important details of the apostle @darlenys.

All the information I share or would like to share is well developed on the official HeartChurch website, which I detail:

Official website: https://www.heart-church.org/

When you start browsing the website you will find important aspects such as:

• Mission and vision
• Core values
• Description of the HeartChurch project
• Core team details
• Registration aspects in Telos
• Coin market
• Services
• HeartChurch has for you
• Applications
• HeartChurch social action
• Register in the HeartChurch community
• HeartChurch Telos Expansión

A whole broad topic that cannot be covered in a publication if we really want to have a broad understanding of the operation of the HeartChurch International Ministry.

It is interesting to stop at each topic and review which of them can one as an active member contribute both humanly and financially.

I thank all the people who day by day give their grain of support so that this community continues to impact the world.

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