My challenge today: HeartChurch a place for family life


My family is something wonderful and special that I love very much, it is a place of tenderness, harmony, companionship and unity. For me, the family is a fraternal meeting place, where communication and understanding play a determining role.

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In the family the life of companionship becomes possible, if each member is clear about his responsibility. In the family there are important values, dreams and goals that are outlined and become the reason for effort and sacrifice to move forward and achieve success.

Being very clear about the place where you live and live with others, also makes you consider that what you think is important for others as well. The family is the bond of love and coexistence.

As we read about where we live on the blockchain, we find that we are part of a large family that is distributed throughout the world. Meanwhile, we enrich ourselves with information about the HeartChurch International Ministry, you realize that you are part of that ministry and you are part of that family.

HeartChurch is a place for family life. It does not matter that you are in the Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria and Venezuela. What matters is that we share the same Vision, the same Mission and the same fundamental values.

We are a big family that lives in the world of blockchains and we are the first blockchais church. This should fill us with honor and a lot of passion to become active members who love the work done by the leaders of this ministry.

We are a family that stands out from the virtual to the natural world to enter the disadvantaged communities and receive the support of the HeartChurch Ministry, through social programs. HeartChurch is a family and as such we must internalize its objectives, in order to unify efforts in the different media to reach the freedom of souls enslaved by sin. Our Vision is to achieve freedom of souls for Christ.

My challenge in this first week has been to study and document more about the life and functionality of the HeartChurch Ministry, and this I have accomplished thanks to the ministry website.

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