Do you know that Time is running out?

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Happy new month to you all. I thank God that we are all kept in safety through these trying times. It is a blessing to share this word with this family. In case you don't know me, here is my introduction post to Steem and @Heartchurch. God bless the leaders- @Sirknight @Darlenys01 for all they do for us here.

Today. I want to share with you on the topic: "Do you know that Time is running out?". We trust the Holy Spirit to teach us.

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Time is the way of conspiring against us. It gives us the illusion that everything is standing still and nothings is lost. It appears to tell us never to worry. Anyone who fall for this illusion would regret the end of the day, having failed to accomplish what he or she was supposed to.

In john 9: 4, if only you can follow the principle of Jesus, they is no way you will not succeed both on earth and in heaven. A wise person will strive to do the most importance thing in life at youth because at old age, there wouldn’t be much strength and vigor to do them.

According to our lord Jesus Christ, it is good to do God’s word while a youth. That I, there is need to find God’s purpose for your lie and key into it very early in life so that you can positively affect God’s kingdom through it.

Our lord Jesus Christ started his ministry at the age of 30 (Luke 3: 23), and about three and a half years, he has accomplished his purpose on earth. He has complete his father assignment. He has touched so many lives. He has raised so many disciple and has had mentored his apostle to take over from him.

Within that period, he has taught all they need to know at that level, leaving out some tougher doctrine for the Holy Ghost to teach after his departure. If you observed the Lord, you will discover that he was in a hurry to win souls. He was in the hurry to heal the sick.

Ever ready, he was in a hurry to bless people and was only ready for the people to open their mouth and were several case. There way several cases where because of his haste to finish his assignment, he forced himself into people’s situation and changed their lives even without any invitation. Peter benefited from this.

Jesus understood time and worked with it. If you are the Jesus in your area, church or community, how are you doing the work of the Lord today?

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beautiful write up