HEARTCHURCH: The Righteus is Identified by his words

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Happy new month to you all. I thank God that we are all kept in safety through these trying times. It is a blessing to share this word with this family. In case you don't know me, here is my introduction post to Hive and @Heartchurch. God bless the leaders- @Sirknight @Darlenys01 for all they do for us here.

Today. I want to share with you on the topic: "The righeous is identified by his words". We trust the Holy Spirit to teach us.

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The righteous are Identified by their speech. They do not speak carelessly. They do not speak carelessly. They understand the weight of words and use their words effectively, knowing that someday there shall account for any idle words. Psalms 37; 30-31 says:

‘’the mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom, and his tongue talketh Judgment. The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps has slide.’

From this passage we see the words of God that we hide inside our hearts can control both are tongue and our feet. The righteousness take him to hide God’s words in his heart. When God’s word feel your heart, your mouth will open in wisdom.

Any believer who engages in foolishness is most likely benefit of God’s word. If you spend five with the righteous, there is no way you will leaves without hearing something that God has said. What is your tongue used for? If you engage it in immoral discussion with the opposite sex, gossiping, lying, or any form of falsehood, you are a righteous fellow.

The word of the righteous are like food to the hearers. They sweeten the soul. If you sit by a righteous man for counselling, within few minutes what you will hear will put you on the right path (Proverb 10: 21)
Since the righteousness knows the right words to meet with every occasion, their tongues feed many (Prov. 10: 32).

The foolish hear the words of the righteous and receives wisdom. The sinners hears the word of salvation from them. The sick receives the words of the healing while the hopeless receives hope. You cannot meet a righteous man or woman and hear him or her and nor be impacted. No wonder proverbs 10: 1 says “his mouth is a well of life”.

There is the fountain of goodness in him that wherever he open his mouth, living water ooze out. When the righteous preach the word, deep truth are revealed that can impact hearers for good.

Can you be adjudged righteous by words?

I am your Chrstian Writer - Geeteeth

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