I am a New Addition to Steem , Steemchurch, Blockchain World

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You see that smile I wear? It shows how happy I am to do something new in my life. I wish I can make you smile too as broad as mine. I am simply happy and I pray God bless those who have contributed to this smile.

My Name is Goodnews Edet and I am a Nigerian. "Edet" in my native tngue means "Teeth" and you see how fine and white mine are. I decided to make that a part of my steem name - @Geeteeth. I want to be a teacher and writer and with these skills I want to reach the world. Writing on steem is a great way to start.

Today, 26th of March would be special in my calendar because I made a bold step to let the world see my face and hear from me. I want to affect my world positively and I hope doing so would be possible with my pen.

I am a trainee at Gracefield Creative Hub owned by a kindhearted man @Uyobong. We gain IT training here in Uyo, for free and I pray God's blessings on him. You would have known him so well here on steem and he is doing good works out there too. It is compulsory that every trainee in our hub must be a writer on STeem.

I'm done with Facebook, I am starting a new writing course and I am happy that i will learn here too. This is the first time I ever used the word Blockchain. I will certainly tell my friends about it. I am happy to join the steem blockchain and to begin to share my life andknowledge here. I will make friends too here and I hope we learn from each other.

@Steemchurch will be a Home


As I join Steem, I want to be a dedicated member of the @Steemchurch community. This is because I want to be a Christian writer. I want to reach the world of young people with my writing skills I am learning.

I hope that I will be welcomed in this community as I will share my Christian lessons on daily basis. I will also start designing my tracts for kids and Teens and you will be the first to tell how beautiful my work looks.

God bless everyone in this family. I greet @Sirknight and @Darlyenys01 who are leaders of this community. I will be happy to interact with many steemchurch people like @Tomlee @Glotokens who have been coming around to the office.

We will together make this world a great place to be.

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Welcome to #HeartChurch we hope your passage is a blessing in this land.


  ·  2년 전

Welcome to Steem and the #HeartChurch Community. God bless you. We hope to see more of you and get blessed by your endowments.


Welcome to Steem, and to Steemchurch.

Welcome to steem. Do have a great time here.

So good to have you @geeteeth on the steem bloclchain, welcome to @steemchurch now @heartchurch, welcome to @hiveblog. I am spper excited that you have publicly decleared your dedication to @steemchurch by making it yiur home. I wish to welcome you to the family with much assurance that you wont regreat being here.

Welcome once again to steem, steem and learn. Have fun!!!. Blessings.

So glad to have you here. I see that you have great plans as you onboard steem. I pray they all come through.


You are welcome boss. You have come to a big family.

Wow didn't see thus early enough, happy to have you here.
Hoping to see more of you.
I Heart you✌✌