God is the refuge of the righteous

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Individually each person must raise their voice to find the mercy of God because the human being normally complicates life trying to give answers to many situations and in many cases seek revenge for each situation according to their perspectives of life.
However, the Bible as always points out the indicated path that we must follow when we truly seek refuge from God.

Psalms 94
94 Jehovah, God of vengeance,
God of vengeance, show yourself.
2 Make yourself great, O Judge of the earth;
Give the payment to the proud.
3 How long the wicked,
How long, O Jehovah, will the wicked rejoice?
4 How long will they pronounce, speak harsh things,
And will all those who do iniquity boast?
5 Break your people, O Jehovah,
And they grieve your inheritance.
6 They kill the widow and the stranger,
And they take life away from orphans.
7Y said: JAH will not see,
Nor will the God of Jacob understand.
8 Understand, you fools of the people;
And you fools, when will you be wise?
9 He who made an ear, will he not hear?
He who formed the eye, will he not see?
10 He who punishes the nations, will he not rebuke?
Does not he who teaches man know science?
11 Jehovah knows the thoughts of men,
That they are vanity.
Blessed is the man whom you, JAH, correct,
And in your law you instruct it,

There are several people who seek refuge in different places and obviously the wrong product to quench their thirst for revenge about any situation they have lived through.

Normally the earth is full of injustice and with it men where day by day we can feel it through the various situations we live in but we trust that in the worst moments we have a safe haven

God is our greatest refuge in good times and bad


Revenge is not the power of man, therefore we should not commit ourselves in this situation since it is entirely up to God who will act at the right time and when it is convenient according to his will.

God is the only one indicated to give payment to all creatures not any of us and as much as we long to take revenge for our own attitudes we will not achieve it but it could worsen

If we have doubts about our actions, let us raise our eyes and seek God's direction with supplications and praises

Blessed are all who put God as a refuge in life

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