Love the instruction and you will be wise

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My reflection is based on this beautiful proverbs that tells in a wise way what is the true wealth of the human being since material wealth counts more for the world than the sense of honor but a wise person yearns and practices the values ​​indicated here

Proverbs 12
12 He who loves instruction loves wisdom;
But he who hates reproof is ignorant.
2 The good will obtain favor from Jehovah;
But he will condemn the man of bad thoughts.
3 Man will not assert himself through wickedness;
But the root of the righteous will not be removed.
4 The virtuous woman is the crown of her husband;
But bad as rottenness in his bones.
5 The thoughts of the righteous are righteous;
But the advice of the wicked, deceit.
6 The words of the wicked are tricks to shed blood;
But the mouth of the upright shall deliver them...
King James Version (RVR1960)

The principle of wisdom is fear of Jehovah and this is expressed in different ways throughout the word of God as the key to achieving true wisdom in order to be successful in everything you undertake.


There are people who detest instruction because they do not like acquiring knowledge in specific areas of their lives or because they do not commit themselves to responsibilities since they prefer to live in a disorderly way and are foolish in their own opinion, but the Bible emphasizes that he who seeks instruction and love is a wise person because he also loves wisdom but he who hates warning is ignorant

In this sense, the Bible also clarifies in this proverbs that the good man will win the favor of God because the person of good actions are those people who have loved instruction and have acquired wisdom.

For example, a righteous person is sensitive enough to take care of animals, but the wicked, although sensitive, behaves cruelly towards other human beings, for this reason, it is described here that man will not assert himself through impiety and in his mouth. there will always be evil since they will be entangled in the prevarication of their lips while the righteous will be satiated with the good of their mouth and will be paid according to the works of their hands because each one leaves a fruit that good or bad constitutes their reward

It is important to ask God for wisdom in order to achieve His favor because He preserves the man who loves wisdom but will condemn the man of bad thoughts

Without a doubt this chapter of proverbs is very interesting due to the depth of wisdom that has been opening and the renewal of understanding.

Furthermore, this proverb teaches us something very important, the path that each individual's speaking, thinking and acting has, which will have positive or negative consequences for our lives.

God will always exalt the righteous because he has acquired wisdom from above and here many aspects of great importance are highlighted that really are as medicine to our bones and refreshment to our heart, these instuctions rejoice the soul and are very wise advice for the times that we are living

Words that are powerful instruments, can do good or bad, please or displease God depending on the wisdom and truth that they contain

These tips really give us wisdom to act and learn that even the righteous are put in danger if they join bad company because the one who speaks truth declares justice; but the lying witness, deceit and there are men whose words are like sword blows

Love instruction at all times and you will be wise, you will also find grace, mercy and favor of God

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