There is power and visitation of God in unity

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Acts Chapter 2: 1-2
"When the day of Pentecost came, they were all unanimous together.
And suddenly there came a sound from heaven like a strong wind blowing, which filled the whole house where they were sitting. "


There is a great writing in the book of Pentecost when the day came they were all unanimous together and suddenly there came from heaven a roar like a rushing wind that filled the whole house

Normally in the celebration of Pentecostes we remember the event that happened inside the house the wind received the supernatural visit of the holy spirit but there is a scripture that continues very soon that for me is extremely revealing later says and done this roar the crowd joined and they were confused astonished and amazed

acts 2: 6-8
2: 6 And when this noise was made, the crowd was gathered together; and they were confused, because each one heard them speak in their own language.
2: 7 And they were astonished and amazed, saying, See, are not all these who speak Galileans?
2: 8 How, then, do we each hear them speak in our language in which we were born?


God works wonders in a people that maintains unity and manifests it to the world in recognition that he is almighty because a united people is capable of pouring out the glory of God in everything and affecting an entire community of people and nation.

Obviously the crowd did not enter the house the word "crowd" speaks of a number of people that goes beyond the capacity of a house, that is, the effect of Pentecost was felt in the street when the church experiences revival immediately if the revival is real touch the people outside says the word was a large crowd that responded

Let us remember the effect and the reach that this visitation has and the salvation in multitudes because when God visits his people he becomes notorious because the light shines in the middle of the darkness

God's way of honoring his people in the midst of unity on the day of Pentecost was through his visitation because obviously God honors his word and honors those who honor them.


In unity there is anointing grace, outpouring of the holy spirit and glory of God The day of Pentecost was unique and arose simply from a word called "unity" which caused the outpouring of the holy spirit in that place

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