Time is of God

5개월 전

The Bible tells us that all the times lived are the work of God, whether they are good or bad and that everything really has a purpose, nothing happens by chance, that is why the advice for today is as follows: When good times come, enjoy them, fill yourselves with joy and thank God, but when the bad guys come to you, also thank, even if it hurts, think that both are the work of God and that man never knows what he will find afterwards since everything that happens under heaven is the will to God

This is expressed in the book of Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes 7:14
"When you do well, enjoy that well-being; but when you do badly, think that one and the other are a thing of God, and that man never knows what the future will bring him."


In this sense the opportunities of life must be taken advantage of and lived with balance and fullness and knowing that each time is an opportunity that God grants us to live it fully but with wisdom Wisdom is as good as an inheritance and acquiring it to apply it to every opportunity God gives us is really prudent either in adversity or in abundance

It is very easy to thank God when everything is going well but when things start to go wrong then we start blaspheming against God as if we deserve everything trying to control what is not in our hands and does not correspond to us

Time is not ours is of God and he is sovereign and knows what he does above all we must be grateful and thank God for everything for every time for every opportunity lived

He who has the grace of God also has the wisdom to understand that we all go through good and bad times and that God is present in both

In this sense, what should we do when the bad times come? the same as we do when we live the good ones thank God, cry out to pray and hope in his mercy because he is not far from those times he is in complete control and everything is under his control

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