You and I can have peace in the storm #vision2020

11개월 전



What do we do when a storm comes? There are two options:

1)Keep calm.

What is our option to choose?

Matthew 8:26
And He said to them : Why are you afraid, you men of little faith? Then he got up, rebuked the winds and the sea, and a great calm ensued.

Psalms 107: 29
The calm storm changed and the waves of the sea fell silent.

These two verses give us the answer, because God has control of everything and if he is with us, who against us? No one can overcome Heavenly Father and he constantly asks us to remain calm, in the midst of all problems, difficulties and trials, because he goes with us.

In these times of crisis, of torment and difficulty, the Lord reminds us to remain calm, let us also remember that, who is with the Father, no plague or evil touches him, we must abide by the earthly laws, because thus we also take care of ourselves and please ourselves God, and we must also take advantage of this time to: reconnect as a family, learn to have more hygiene, strengthen our talents, reinforce knowledge, and most importantly, feed our Spirit. By doing these things we will see the hand of God much more active.

Remember, don't worry only about yourself and your family, also worry about the world, let's pray more for the spiritually needy, let's pray more for the whole world, since the people out there are also our neighbors! In your vision 2020 try: intercede, rest, feed, believe and serve.

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