A Different Spirit.




Reading Passage:- Romans 12:14.

14.Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.

The topic has clearly stated that as Christians we have a different spirit from that of the world, that's to say the spirit controlling the world is not the one controlling us.
So on that note we ought not to revenge no matter what anyone might have done to us, the bible says vengeance is of the lord, its God who knows what to do, how to do and when to do it.

So when the world says an eye for an eye, or tooth for tooth we as Christians ought not to join them, we have to set an example for them to could, if we Join them what then is the difference between us and them?
I see people who claims to be Christians rendering curses on their fellow Christian or humans and I get to wonder if Christ still dwells in such a being. Well of cause I don't think God can dwell in such a being, became His eyes cannot behold any iota of iniquity.
Rendering curses is not part of the trait as a Christians.

Jesus was away that we will be persecuted just as He was that was when put it clearly that we should bless those that persecutes us.
In Matthew 5:10-12 when Jesus was giving out the beatitudes he talked about persecution and He says anyone that bears persecution for His name sake will be blessed. So why wanting to revenge? Is that the trait of a child of God, if you do it what then is the difference between you and the unbelievers? Absolutely no difference.

Or do ye not know that all the persecution are training tools to push you to the top or make you a better person?
If you were ignorant about that fact, be aware now. When Joseph's brothers sold him, they never knew they were indirectly sending him to his decorated throne. One thing I loved him for was that he never revolted, he allowed God use that persecution to shoot him to his throne.

We have a different spirit from that of the world so let's not revenge when people persecutes us, I known it's kind of hard though but God will help us, Amen.

I remain


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