Patience is a virtue




Away for a long time but yet he promised to come back for her;
Bought her a wedding dress just to show her how serious he was;
To war he went just to fight for his country;
He promised to come back for her and make her his bride, this she agreed because she knew he was genuine;
Wrote letters to her the first six month he left but after some time nothing was heard of him again;
She kept waiting and waiting till when news reached her that he was missing at the camp and was assumed to be dead;
She cried her eyes out because she knew she was not gonna find anyone like him.

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Seconds rolled into minutes, minutes into days, days rolled into weeks, weeks into months and month into years, suitors flocked around but she abruptly refused;
She was hopeful that her John will come back someday;
This believed made her vowed to wait for him till he returns;
To me I'd say this is beyond just love, yes i call it rare patience;
Every night she hoped and prayed that her John returns;
Her pillow became her companion;
She was indeed strong willed;
No one could console her not even her parents.

A day came when she decided to wear the wedding gown he bought for her before he left for the war front;
So she told her parents not to disturb her, she went up her room locked up her self up;
She wore the wedding gown picked up the letters he has been writing to her the first six months he was away;

She read the letters yet with the wedding gown on her body crying and wailing, this she did so passionately, she was indeed engrossed in this ritual of hers.

Surprisingly a knock came on the door and when her parents opened up they were so surprise to see John, the John that was supposed to be dead, they couldn't believe their eyes, it was too good to be true;
John walked majestically to her room, opened up with a spare key given to him by her parents, and behold he saw her with the wedding gown and the letters he sent for her;
She never noticed his presence, since she was backing him;
And so from behind he held her and when she turn round she was too shock to see that her John was alive after all;
Tears rolled down her eyes and he quickly clean it with his lips.

I stop to ask, do you think John will ever live Joanna for another woman, my answer is absolutely No unless he John is a fool, which I assume he's not.
John cannot leave her for another because she has exhibited the quality of rare patience.
Are you patient in that relationship?
Are you patient in that business of yours
Are you patient with that child of yours?
If Joanna was patient you and I can also be.

Will you and I be ready if Jesus comes back to rapture His church, see how ready Joanna was, she was indeed patient till her groom came back.
When he came he met her already dressed;
What will you and I be doing if the saviour comes back, will he come and meet you praying, or fornicating, stealing, backbiting, gossiping, watching porn etc. Ask yourself that question and be ready.
I hear some people saying they have actually ran out of patience waiting for this long awaited Jesus, that maybe He isn't coming again, are you saying same, I pray you don't, because of a certainty Jesus is coming back again.
Remain blessed
Stay safe and saved.

I beg to drop my ink here, till we meet next time.

I remain


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