That smile when you know God is planning something big for you;
That smile when you know your wedding is coming up soon😝😝😉😉😉🤗🤗;
That smile when you know you are no more a slave to sin;
That smile when you know that Christ has paid it all on the cross;
That smile when you know that God has answered your prayers;
That smile when you know that money will be a slave to you soonest😁😁😁😁😊😊.
This smile means so many things, these are few I can share, you can as well add yours for me😂😂😂
Least I forget how is your day going, mine is refreshing and rewarding.
Just decided to say hi to us all.
Stay safe and saved.
Much love from me to you❤❤❤

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Indeed, only those who believe and trust in the promises of God for their life can smile so broad even when the devil tries to give them wrong ideas and words concerning their life.

So keep on smiling for the better days are on their way.


Aawwn thanks dear for this, love ya❤❤❤