Why Wont You Give Your Life to Jesus?

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The way people are passing on this days beats my imagination.
Yesterday I got a sad news that one of my childhood friends in which we grew up together passed away due to an Asthmatic Attack, she has been suffering from this attack for long and have been surviving it, till this age but it saddens me that she couldn't make it this time around.
Its not only her death but several other people and I ask myself where are they going to?😪😪😪
Are they going to heaven or hell.
This occurrence It just pointing us to one thing which is the coming of Jesus Christ.
Why don't you give your life to Jesus now, why won't you let him be your God, can't you see or are blind that the night is coming, so now is the time to get it settle with God, then come let Jesus give you life today, real life, eternal life and you will never regret it.

I remain


Christ Addict

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