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And immediately he arose, took up the bed,
and went forth before them all; insomuch
that they were all amazed,
and glorified God, saying,
We never saw it on this fashion.Mark 2:12 (KJV)

The people in our text passage extolled the name of the Lord for the strange miracle they saw Jesus perform. They confessed that they never saw it before in that fashion. There are results that are out of fashion that makes men to marvel. It is not the ordinary kind of result, it is not usually the type men are used to.

Such are the results God longs to give to everyone who will go out of his or her way to dare to believe Him for the extraordinary. If your belief is the ordinary kind of believing, you are bound to get the ordinary kind of result. The measure with which you mete is the same measure with which it will be meted back to you. God longs for men who will step out of the ordinary and dare to believe Him for the extraordinary; to all such people, He promises results that are not the normal or the usual kind of results.

Hezekiah king of Judah had the option to choose for the sun to move forward or backward by ten degrees. Either way; it was going to be miraculous. Hezekiah opted for the sun to go backwards by ten degrees. He must have reasoned that the sun would ordinarily move forward, tough it was going to be fast forwarded. He anticipated that people will not appreciate the overwhelming nature of the miracle in the sun moving faster by ten degrees. They could very well ask where else would the sun move, if not to move forward.

He must have reasoned that, it wasn’t going to ring a bell. So, he opted to have the sun move backward by ten degrees. It was something going to be completely out of fashion and it was going to show forth the finger of God in a very unique way. He sought a strange miracle from God and He got it.

What are you seeking from God? Do you seek to have the ordinary kind of result or the type that rings a bell? Do you want the usual and normal kind or a very unusual one? Do you want it as it has always or you seek a newness which only God can sponsor? It’s up to you. scriptures admonishes that all things are possible to him that believeth. If you seek results that are unusual from God; then get set to do for God things that are unusual. Step out of the normal kind of service and offer unto Him the extraordinary kind of service and strange and awesome results shall embrace you on all sides.

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