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The prize is that which we consider so valuable that we undertake a series of challenges to achieve it, so is the race for life, I want to clarify that it is different to say the race for life (which involves living on this earth overcoming the obstacles that are put in front) and the race for life; which is that struggle that you undertake to obtain life, in our case life is Christ, so we can accommodate the equation as: the race to reach Jesus Christ.

This race begins the moment we recognize Him as our Lord and Savior, remember that it is not enough to take the step of faith but to remain since it was said: "If you remain in my word and my word remains in you, you will truly be my disciples", but this remaining in His Word is to face the obstacles that will come without stopping us, to advance to the goal that we all have in common for salvation and life.


Let's think of an athlete who decides to participate in a competition, from the beginning his mind is on the prize and this is what encourages him to participate, he knows that he will have to make an effort and give the maximum if he wants to get the reward so he prepares himself before the race.

Once he is competing his body fights against his desire to get the prize, this fight manifests itself through fatigue, some muscle aches and perhaps he could think of the competitors as superior which could cause discouragement, if the athlete is carried away by these symptoms he will abandon the race and will have lost but there is one thing that continues to give motivation to strive, this only happens when the athlete never takes his eyes off the prize.

Imagining himself with the prize is what gives motivation and makes him draw more energy, this thought can even produce joy and relieve muscle pains, that is why the athlete continues to fight to the end leaving sweat and strength on the battlefield.


Something very similar happens when we decide to follow Jesus Christ, the prize is salvation and eternal life, to be always with Jesus Christ, a paradise and eternal happiness (in short), we imagine all that and we start our race but once we are in it come the problems, those events that can cause us sadness and discourage us to continue.

Maybe we are betrayed or we do not get things we expect, that is when the effects of the race are felt and only those who have never taken their eyes off the prize (Jesus Christ) are the ones who advance in spite of any circumstance no matter how adverse it may be.

Our faith has to be tested and this test is compared to the same test that is done to gold (application of fire) God will allow things to happen that hurt us but we must never take our eyes off the prize, otherwise we can give up and if we abandon the race for life what we will lose is nothing more and nothing less than our eternal life.

That is why today I encourage and urge you to also encourage you to never take your eyes off Jesus Christ, the road is hard and no one ever promised that it would be easy, we can find in the scriptures that tribulations are necessary, that afflictions are necessary but it also says: Set your eyes on Jesus Christ (the prize) author and finisher of the faith.


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Grateful to God for allowing me to be part of HEARTCHURCH, a community with a divine purpose, for having allowed me to get to steemit and for all those great friends that I have met on this platform.

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Thanks and it takes hard work and focus to win that trophy and I pray God for grace as well. Nice post @jesusjacr.


Thank you so much! Blesses for u.