Challenge: Why learn about HeartChurch?


When I read the guidelines for participating in the challenge of the first week of work, I realized that I should be interested in learning more about the HeartChurch International Ministry and not mechanically continue participating in the blockchain with pure content creation.

I need to focus my attention on learning more about the community in which I have been an active member for 2 years. So I asked myself the question: Why learn about HeartChurch?

In my work I know the managers of the company and I know the principles and rules that govern it, as well as their vision and mission. I know the company where I work the product that it manufactures and the type of client that sympathizes with the company. In the same way, I know all the applications with which the company relates to promote and sell its product.

All this I know about the company where I work led me to the following reflection:

If I know the company where I work well, why not get to know in the same way the community where I belong as an active member and all the functionality of this community with its environment?

I understood that it was necessary to find a mechanism that would help me learn more about the International HeartChurch Ministry, for this reason, I spent time browsing the HeartChurch website and learning about all the tools she uses to achieve her goals as the first church. blockchain.

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The HeartChurch International Ministry website is:

Official website:

In this incredible website I was able to see all the information that the Ministry of HeartChurch offers, I was able to contact that it has an important "Vision" oriented to "" Freedom in the spirit of Christ. "Which leads me to associate in the Scriptures when they express" Whom the Son of Man will deliver will be truly free. "" This is interesting, because the "Vision" of the HeartChurch Ministry goes hand in hand with what the Lord establishes in his word.

The same happens with the "Mission" of the ministry to promote Christianity through the different social networks, which is similar to the mandate that the Lord gave his disciples to "Go around the world and preach the Gospel". The HeartChurch Ministry does it in such a dynamic way that in a few seconds it is possible to reach different countries through applications such as Steemit, Hiva, Telos, etc.
All this that I talk about in this publication is a product of what appears on the HeartChurch website and that makes it easy for us to learn about how this church that already has its international impact works.

There are so many interesting things that we can know about HeartChurch that honestly, in a single publication that is made it is difficult, it is required if possible, to make each topic a post and detail what one can learn in each topic.

As an active member, I invite you to visit the official HeartChurch website and learn about all of the ministry's functionality and applicability tools and learn about its main executing arms: @sirknight and @dalenys01.

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