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We can choose between faith and fear, depending on who we decide to believe, so will be our life, if we give our hand to faith we will be led to a path of security and confidence, on the other hand if we associate with fear we will be dragged to its blackmail and bad conditions of life.

What happens when thoughts of fear come to mind, because we call bad things, if you live thinking that you will never be free of poverty so it will be because you are making an agreement with her, you are calling her to your life thinking that way.
It is normal that in certain occasions we can feel fear but it is when we must fill ourselves with faith not to declare in our life any bad news. If you hear an unfavorable medical diagnosis, God will always have the last word, if instead of giving up and thinking that you are going to die, you think that God is the owner of your life and that you believe that you will only leave this earth when He so decides, that you reject all illness and believe that you are healthy by His power, believe me that God will act in your favor, and when He does not change a situation where you have overflowed your faith, it is because He Himself is leading you there, therefore you will go by His hand and by His hand you can go safely and confidently.

When you believe what God has said in his word, you must create in faith, without discouragement, without doubting, when you act in faith everything will go well, absolutely everything, do not make agreements with bad news, if someone tells you that it will go bad, do not believe that word, believe only what God says about you.
We know that at some point we will go through difficult situations but we do not call it nor are we waiting for them, when we go through them we must be accompanied by God to come out in Victory, instead when we call it because of our fear we will be going through these situations as a result of our lack of faith.

As long as we believe that we will do well, it will be so, as long as we demand God's promises with faith, we will see it manifest in our lives. If you are afraid, that which you fear, you will see it come into your life, on the other hand if you always trust and do not make agreements with bad news or fear, but say my God is greater than any news and can change everything in my favor, then you will see God doing it.


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Fear is not from God, we must be perfected in his love to overcome. In the book of Revelation, God offers us hope as we face all our fears. He opens the curtains of heaven to show us the present reality of Christ's reign and the future consummation of His triumph over the grave. Turning our gaze to Jesus victorious gives us hope and comfort in the face of death.