Honesty in Times of Difficulty

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Many are those who flaunt their great capabilities in times where everything is fine, where there are no needs or problems, where everything seems to be going well, but what about times when things get difficult, when we are not so very good humor, when friends have moved away, when even God seems to have forgotten Us, what is our attitude?


We put into practice those values ​​of which we boasted, even in times of difficulty, of scarcity, can we remain honest?

It is good to ask ourselves this question, if I do not need anything it is easy not to steal, not to take anything from anyone, but if I am in need and the opportunity arises to do some kind of business or cheat, or to easily take something from someone , What would we do?

Being honest should be a virtue anchored in our hearts, because if it is not, it would become something we do depending on the circumstance, if we are honest when we do not see the need not to be, it has no merit, but when it is ours Our own skin is at stake, when being honest is no longer something so easy for us, when honesty can cause us a bad time, that's where we must investigate what we are capable of doing, here we will know what is inside our being .

Honesty is a virtue and it can also be a decision, for example if you are in financial trouble and someone offers you an easy but illegal way out, you may be tempted because of your desperation, and do not feel bad about it, but you must go back to your senses, when that happens, in the end, what decision you will make, is the important thing, if even though you thought about falling into that illegality but you could realize that error, you regret it and decide to do the right thing, that is where you can make the decision of your life, of not losing your values, of continuing to believe that God can do a miracle in your life and that you will not need to do anything that is not under your will.

Even if times are difficult and you feel fear, always choose to do the right thing and you will see how God will act on your behalf. Make honesty a decision even when your thoughts say otherwise, if you start practicing it you will see how this will come true in your life.


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