Law or Grace

4개월 전

Life is directed by certain laws and norms that we must comply with, some do it, others do not, sometimes it seems that no material benefits are obtained by complying with them, but God who looks at everything transforms it into blessings.



In ancient times God's people also received laws, commandments and precepts and those who obeyed were blessed, but then something happened that would transform all that and it would no longer be the fulfillment of the law that would save but grace.

Fulfilling the laws will make you feel like a good citizen, but you will never feel satisfied because there is something else that fills the human being and transforms him and it is the grace of God.

You can do many works, you can fulfill all the laws, but that happiness that makes man feel full can only be obtained through grace.

Fulfilling the laws is necessary, can you imagine the chaos if everyone acted as they wanted? It would be a real disaster, but due to God's favor, to his grace through Jesus' sacrifice we can be saved, although people always think that they must give something to receive, to obtain God's forgiveness, it is not like that, Jesus already paid the price so that you and I can have the option to eternity.

There is nothing you can do or give to obtain salvation, it is free, you can believe you are the most perfect person in this world but if you do not accept God's grace you will never be saved. Giving is good, praying, sacrificing for others, but none of that can save you. The only thing that can grant man salvation and eternity is grace.

Righteousness, faith, grace, is not something we can buy or earn, it is a gift, and it is up to us to accept it or not.

Grace is an undeserved gift, but God loves us so much that He sent His son so that today we can confidently approach Him. You don't have to work hard or be perfect for it, only faith is what will get you there.

There are many today who stayed in the time of the law, they think they can buy God with works and sacrifices, but how wrong they are, our God in his love and goodness filled us with his grace, to think that the law and grace must go hand in hand is a mistake, the law will separate you from grace.

Because the law will mark you and will never give you the opportunity to change or salvation, the only thing that can rescue the human being is grace.


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