The Joy of God

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Philippians 4: 4 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!


The bible leaves us this verse and you will ask yourself, how is it possible to be joyful when life does not treat us in a meek way, or when things are not going well? If we begin to detail reasons to rejoice when things are not going well we will not find any, but if we look at the Lord things change, that is why the verse tells us Rejoice in the Lord, because it is to him that we must look and not the circumstance, Whenever you look at what you are suffering you will continue to suffer but if you put your eyes on Jesus you will be able to enjoy yourself because in Him you will see the promises that He has for you, which once the test has been passed you will be able to enjoy. If you leave everything in the hands of God, you will be able to understand that your joy comes from Him and not from material or trivial things, as long as you are clear that He takes you by his hand you will be able to overcome any situation.

To stay in peace and joy in the midst of difficulty, you must have faith and security in God, in his support and companionship. It is the only way that joy is in your life no matter what the situation, we can remain joyful by his grace, if we know that we are going under his direction we can be sure that our end will be a blessing, even if the situation is difficult we will be rest easy waiting patiently because God will act on our behalf.

Although everything seems gloomy let us not lose heart because the Lord will not abandon the work of his hands, let us rejoice in Him always without doubting, because He takes care of us, He is our strength, our help, The Lord takes care of his children and will always take care of them, working miracles and attending to their calls, because he is pleased in the obedience of his children, if you put your trust in him, without doubting, and leave everything in his hands, without worrying, then you will be able to enjoy the joy of the Lord.


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