When Domething Breaks

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We grow up believing that breaking up is a bad thing, in fact we are always afraid of it, we do not want something to break, we are afraid of just imagining that our relationship with someone we love may break, that the end of a stage arrives, in short a break or something breaks, we assume it from childhood as a catastrophe.


But there are things that without imagining or thinking about it, are used to a great relief for us when they reach their breaking point, although this is difficult the moment later we realize that it was necessary and that this break ends up generating an indescribable peace. If you have noticed that your life, no matter how you try, seems to be stuck in the same place, that it seems that if you take a step something that you cannot perceive forces you to go back, then you need a spiritual break.

If you feel a wall that is preventing you from moving forward, that you are trying hard but you cannot see a way out of that slumber that seems to want to take over you, even so, it is not time to surrender, it is time to enter what can be known as violence in our lives. faith, we must leave the half measures and use an unshakable faith, only then can we make that break happen.

Breaking up is not always bad, there are things that are necessary to end, we cannot find a single definition when this will depend on each situation, that is why we must always inquire into what is best for us before saying no We must know our situation, give a reasonable time for everything in our life to develop and everything to reach its course.

The break can sometimes come to bring a refreshment to our tired life, it can be the solution to years of problems that we did not know the cause, but that God through his Holy Spirit did his wonderful work to work the miracle in your life.

There are areas in our life where a spiritual break must come to set us free from any oppression that weighs us down.


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Thank you for sharing such a motivational and inspiring thought =full words and i do appreciate it as well