When We listen To Each Other

4개월 전

Listening to each other is a task that we must all have as people aimed at being better every day, this should be part of our lives, so that every day we have the opportunity to create new experiences that lead us to feel good about ourselves and that can help others. the rest.


Listening to us is not easy at all and even less so now that we live in a world completely bombarded with technology and occupations that completely steal our attention, that is why it is important to learn how to do it.

Sometimes situations arise and we have the answer inside of us because God has spoken to our hearts, but it turns out that since we do not take the time to understand his voice or ours, we ignore that solution and then we get into trouble by drinking wrong decisions. Spending time with ourselves will always lead us to understand ourselves better, to control emotions, to make better decisions, to think about others, to heal ourselves and be emotionally stable. When you learn to do it safely, you will feel an unequaled well-being.

Get to know yourself to know where you can go and identify your limitations, this will make you start creating strategies to overcome yourself and prevent Andes from being aware of others, it will be so focused on you in your growth, that you will not have time for leisure .

The way God communicates with us is undoubtedly through the spirit with his Spirit, therefore we must give a lot of value and importance to our interior because everything we want comes from there, our biggest dreams and the most beautiful things can arise is of our interior since that is where we can listen to God.

Reflect more and more on everything you do, on what you want, dedicate time to yourself, take your time for God and for yourself, do not resign yourself to following other people's patterns, create your great life story, without doubting that each day can be better and happier.


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