You Have Done Well

5개월 전

You have done well. How much we would give to hear someone tell us a phrase like this when we feel tired or exhausted, when we seem to faint, that we can't go on any longer, or we are overwhelmed by so many struggles and battles we have been living.


You have done well, is what we would like to hear when we gave everything for a business, we made an effort, we put all the desire and love in the world, but as time goes by we do not see fruits or growth in it.

You have done well, would be the most desired phrase when we have tried so hard, we have done everything in our hands and what is not also, when although everything seemed to be contrary, we act in faith, believing and trusting in God, when no one else can see our effort, but we have worked so hard to tears.

When we try even harder than we can, many times we just want someone to tell us: you have done well.
That is why today God says to you: You have done well:

All the times you have not given up, all the times you have helped, All the times that even though you had no strength and felt tired of failing, you kept on trying, every time you put your needs aside to satisfy or cover someone else's, all the times you have said No, so as not to sin against God, all the times you have said Yes to a task entrusted to you by God.

Although no one else can look at or recognize all your effort God does, and He will reward you, although everything seems uphill, and no one seems to value or understand what you have done to fulfill your purpose, the Bible says that the laborer is worthy of his wages, God will not leave you nor forsake you, nothing you have done or learned will be in vain, everything He has allowed in your life has been necessary to reach your goal.

Even if no one else brings to your life those words of encouragement, feel free to hear them from God, for Him you are first and foremost, you are His creation, He put purpose to your life and He rejoices every time you climb one more step to achieve it.

Do not give up, wait on God, do not get discouraged, persevere, move forward, keep trying, because, so far, you have done well.


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