Be quiet

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Many people are used to staying still, what's more, it costs them a lot to do it and even more, when they are used to being in control of everything, they cannot bear it when something gets out of control, that upsets them and leads them to think that they are not there. doing enough and they must do more, for this reason in their thoughts there is no room for the word rest and be still.

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Resting does not mean closing your eyes and sleeping, there are people who, even lying down, never rest and end up more tired, oppressed and desperate because each situation adds a great weight until they can no longer take it anymore and ends up exploding.
We do not allow ourselves to be on the verge of exploding for all the situations that we may be experiencing. We must learn to rest in God and to be still in him.

God speaks to us today and tells us "be still and know that I am God."

We will never see God work in our lives if we don't let him do what he has to do in our lives.
We must be still and rest in God and we will see great and wonderful things in ourselves and in those around us.

What happens in us that does not let us rest is that most of us are very impatient and we want God to go our way. But God is not late or early He is just in time.
We just have to stay still and rest in Him who is the God who can do everything.

If there is something we must do to remain still as God commands and not fall into impatience, it is to pray and maintain faith in the Lord who is pleased to remind us today that we must remain still since he is in control of everything.
There is no situation that he cannot resolve.

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