Choose to forgive

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Colossians 3:13 “so tolerate one another and forgive each other if anyone has a complaint against another. Just as the Lord has forgiven you, forgive you too ”.

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Yes, sorry, it's a personal choice, it means giving up the desire to get revenge and not paying in the same way.
To forgive is to overcome what has happened to give an opportunity to a new trajectory. When we are overcoming the past and giving a new perspective both to others and to ourselves.

The bible advises us to forgive for us also to be forgiven, although we are not perfect we follow the perfect model that is Christ.

Forgiveness is powerful. Through that decision we free ourselves of resentment and the burden on our shoulders.
The act of forgiving does not mean that you are compassionate towards injustices, let alone ignore them, on the contrary, forgiving is taking a courageous attitude because you are aware that something wrong happened, but you have the willingness to overcome it.

We must not forget that Jesus forgave our sins, our destiny was condemnation and eternal death, but Jesus chose to forgive us and gave himself up for us.
We are fruits of forgiveness, we are free from sin.
We must not hold resentments, we must forgive.

If forgiving is difficult for us, we can ask God for help whenever we were first forgiven. Whoever forgives loves and is loved by God.
Resentment keeps us imprisoned while forgiving, even though it may be difficult and even painful, will free us from resentment.

As fruits of God's forgiveness we must bear in mind that forgiving is learning. Forgiveness is part of God's love.
Choose then to forgive and you will live free and without regrets.

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