Criticism in the middle of the tests

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Job 2: 1 "had agreed to come together to sympathize with him and to be comforted."

Job's friends overcame the adversity he was going through and had a great idea visiting together to comfort him. This idea was very good because we really need each other, especially when we go through difficult times in life as happened to Job, who in a matter of days lost his entire family and was left in poverty and apart from a scabies invaded his entire body being despised by his own wife who ended up abandoning him.

Compassion should spring from each of us naturally, but if we can before visiting someone who is in trial as was the situation that Job lived, it would be convenient to develop a plan to show compassion in a more effective way.

The adversities of life can make us feel on the verge of hopelessness and if we have people around us who anticipate our sad end and urge us to resign ourselves to the inevitable, such people are not good at comforting as was the case with the wife of Job who cruelly told him do you still retain your integrity? Curse God and die.

Job's friends did not act with much difference to his wife because instead of comforting him they criticized him and judged him responsible for living this adversity because of having sinned.
But as Job always maintained his integrity, the Lord took away his affliction, when he prayed for his friends who instead of using compassion played the role of critic.
Job in the midst of the trial had to endure criticism.

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