Do not settle

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Romans 12: 2 "do not conform to this age, but be transformed by means of the renewal of your understanding, so that you may see what is the good will of God, agreeable and perfect."

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Every person has a concept of God, from his natural environment in which he develops in which his life is full of circumstances and problems related to the natural dimension. But this concept is broken when faith begins to operate in her. That is, as we know God we realize that He is more than time, space and matter.

For us, the natural dimension is everything real that we can perceive through the senses. But in the mind of God this dimension is subject to curse. We must not conform to living in the natural dimension, our faith needs absolute values ​​such as Jesus, his kingdom and his word.

We must not settle and get used to continuing to live in the natural environment.
Our transformation begins with the renewal of our thoughts and consciousness by committing ourselves to listen to and firmly obey God. Our minds are renewed as we study his word and our hearts change as we submit to him.

By not conforming to continue living in the natural dimension, we keep God's commandments and trust Him to mold us as people who please him. Then we will enjoy living discovering how wonderful it is to live in the center of your will.

We must not settle for continuing to live as natural people now live in the spiritual or supernatural realm which is permanent. Keep in mind that whatever you conform to is going to become your reality.

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