HeartChurch: Ministry of Blessing for the nations


Only yesterday, it had the name of Steemchurch, and a very young ministry was seen, but with leaders who were restrained so that the ministry was reaching an international projection with impact on all nations. Approximately two years when I am an active member of this wonderful ministry.

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The founder of Steemchurch is a very noble, simple, and God-fearing man. His name is @sirknight who is the general administrator. With the significant advancements the ministry has made in different blockchain applications, the ministry's current name is HeartChurch.

The general founder of this ministry has been supporting himself with a team of important leaders who have given him impetus for greater growth and impact in different areas of the world geography, such as: Venezuela, Nigeria, Ghana and the Philippines.

The support arm of the founder of this International Ministry is a bright and intelligent woman who has contributed a set of valuable knowledge so that in the present HeartChurch she has valuable achievements in the blockchain, it is the apostle @darlenys01. Thanks to his skills in the area of ​​technology, his contributions have contributed to the international projection of HeartChurch.

All of this historical background is readily available on the HeartChurch ministry website, which link is:

Official website: https://www.heart-church.org/

On this website, we can find various information from the HeartChurch International Ministry, such as "Vision and Mission", "Fundamental Values", "Services it offers", "Participation events for its members", "Operational applications", " How to register in HeartChurch ”,“ How to enter Telos ”,“ Details of the central leadership team ”, and other relevant aspects.


The growth of the International HeartChurch Ministry seems extraordinary to me. The projection of this community has positively impacted the community where I currently live in Cantaura / Edo Anzoategui / Venezuela.

I can bear witness to the social work that the HeartChurch Ministry has carried out in my city, in the recovery of a sports field of a school and in the support of the recreational activity “Children's Day”.

Both my husband and myself have worked to recruit new members for HeartChurch Ministry and to join the Telos platform, including a significant number of children.

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The work carried out by the apostle @darlenys01 and our sister @ricci01 is motivating. It must be recognized that they are very hard-working women in this ministry, especially in the development of the “Bread from Heaven” program, in which they have also supported children from some sectors of Cantaura.

In this way I want to invite all the active members of this International Ministry to walk together and continue supporting all the programming that HeartChurch has, so that its international impact continues reaching souls for Christ.

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