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Hebrews 4: 9 "therefore there remains a rest for the people of God."

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Those who enter into God's rest also rest from their works, just as God rest from his.

Many of us can live very hectic days full of activities and a lot of work. Hearing the word rest we immediately relate it to the annual vacation period, which we also often fill with different types of jobs.

But let's meditate a little. Didn't God send us to rest? Do we comply with this mandate from God? Do you rest?
The word tells us about rest. Whether or not we believe in keeping the Sabbath, we must obey as a child of God listen to what he tells us, rest!
God gave us an example in everything without needing to do so at the end of his work of rest of creation, rest.

In this society we have Saturday or Sunday to rest. But there are countless numbers of activities that often make that weekend as exhausting as the weekdays, and we end up more exhausted and tired than ever.
Our spiritual rest is in Christ. But he also knows that we need physical rest as part of our life and for better job performance. We must rest with God and enjoy his renewed strength.

The need or desire to carry out constant activities is a vice that affects many people.

If you want to do something on your day off other than physical activity, spend your time praying, reading the word, and praising the Lord. And take advantage of this time also to rest and interact with nature and with other people.

Make the most of this rest time and wisely in a balanced way.

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