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1 Samuel 16: 7 “The Lord answered Samuel: do not look at his appearance, nor at his great stature, because I reject him, because the Lord does not look at what man looks at, for man looks at what is in front of his eyes, but Jehovah looks at the heart.

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In the world there is a saying that says "appearances can be deceiving." This is a great reality anyone can fall into this deceptive trap that hides behind a simple appearance.

Many people can fool others just by changing their wardrobe or hairstyle and perhaps acting. Because, as the Lord says, they look at what their eyes can see. Samuel himself when he went to anoint David as king of Israel, at first he looked at Eliab and thought as he looked at him "without a doubt this is the Lord's anointed."

Samuel, despite being a pious man in the service of God, thought that Eliab, being a person of good appearances, would be the right person to perform this function. This type of common judgment in human beings even in godly men as happened to Samuel.

But God works in another way, God is able to examine people's hearts and also knows the potential that each one has.
In order not to be fooled by appearances, it is best to go to the Lord and ask for his wisdom in any matter of decision-making.

God does not choose any person for their physique, he searches his heart and selects people willing to offer him totally as David was.

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Very true, appearance can be deceptive.