Applying Good Bookkeeping In Small Businesses

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Achieve this goal with accounting application such as Sage 50.


Hello, welcome to my blog. I'm still your friend Max. I love the Internet so much because of its many problem solving capacities. Now that we’ve approached what is known as WEB 3, everything is on their cruising stage.

As an entrepreneur, I love solving problems too; this attitude of solving problems online became residual in me since most of my knowledge came through informal means. I learnt many things that I know today through informal education.
I studied accountancy and after my graduation, I decided to remain a consultant and an entrepreneur; my reason is simple, I value my time, my freedom, and my privacy. I dislike being formally employed by other individuals. I preferred paying myself.
As a consultant, I toll the line of my discipline; Accounting cum ICT. Now that we are here, I’ll love to continue solving problems with my little knowledge. For those of my readers from Nigeria, you can easily get in touch with me easily for business and services.

In this article, I’m going to talk about accounting software that can help accountants and small business owners run their business smoothly without any hassle.
Good bookkeeping is one of great tools in running a successful business. Therefore, I’m going to start with an easy accounting program that can help you as a non-accountant to easily put your books together.

Why should you choose Sage 50 Quantum Accounting?

I bought this software for myself several years ago and fell in love with how user friendly that it is. I still advise people into small businesses to consider this application for their accounting needs.
My duty as a consultant is to give you befitting advice, help you buy and install the financial application, give you and your staff training on using the application, and probably help you implement it until you master its usage. I am also in good terms with my clients due to appropriate support that I give them on each service rendered.

Why you should consider going for sage 50 accounting.

Manage your processes successfully and stay ahead of trends
Experience a new level of business accounting and management with the simple use of pre-built solutions - at an affordable price. With Sage 50 Quantum Accounting, you can manage all aspects of your business, including accounting, customers, inventory, services, jobs and employees - all in one central system.
Compared to medium sized solutions
Sage 50 Quantum Accounting Offers a Lower Total Cost of Ownership:
• Stop paying thousands of dollars for features you may not need or use.
• Avoid high costs for implementation, training and maintenance in medium sized businesses.
• Accommodates 1 to 40 users.1

Compared to other small business products, Sage 50 Quantum Accounting offers:

  • Depth of functionality.
  • Increased database speed and capacity.
  • Sage 50 Intelligence reporting to track your company's performance.
    Sage 50 Quantum Accounting is a complete business management system that offers the right amount of functionality at an affordable price.
    • Efficiency you will experience higher productivity, capacity and scalability to support the success of your business.
    • Peace of mind Manage your business with the flexibility, security and strong support that comes with the Sage 50. As your business grows, you can rely on other Sage products for life.

Meet your growing business needs

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting is a multi-functional corporate accounting and management solution that offers strengths in the following areas:

• Financial management
• Customer management
• Inventory management
• Supplier management
• Employee management / payroll
• Workplace management
• Smart reporting
• Workflow management
• Multi-user security management
• Industry-specific characteristics: professional services, manufacturing, sales, construction and not-for-profit organizations.

Since we’re discussing Sage 50 accounting software, I’ll explain in detail what it’s all about, why you may need it, how to avoid problems of copyrights, porous and counterfeit applications.

What is Sage 50 Accounting? (Sage Group Plc.)

I’ll try and take you down memory lane of this fantastic financial application.
Sage is a UK software company and the world's leading provider of accounting and business management software for start-up, small, medium and large businesses.

Sage acquires Peachtree, the first popular software in the US, in 1998 and began renaming products in 2000.
Sage Group Plc. is the parent company of Sage North America. With more than 10 million subscribers, Sage has offices in 30 countries around the world.
The software evolved from Peachtree to Sage Peachtree and is now known as the Sage 50.

Up till 1999, there was Peachtree


With effect from 2000, then came Sage Peachtree.


…reigned from 2000-2012, then In 2013, Sage 50 took over completely


Sage US product versions.




How to identify genuine and original Sage 50 products direct from Sage Group

Genuine and Original Sage 50 DVD Products must have the following features as shown in below Pictures.

DVD MUST be produced by ARVATO. ARVATO is the ONLY companDVD MUST be produced by ARVATO. ARVATO is the ONLY company to officially manufacture and replicate ALL Sage 50 DVD products for Sage. The Sage 50 Premium DVD serial number


MUST be in a tightly closed plastic bag, not on the outside or provided by anyone else.
Sage 50 Quantum serial numbers are usually sent via email as Sage 50 serial numbers are usually ordered on behalf of customers.


The plastic crates MUST be approved by the Sage AMARAY plastic case used with the Sage US PAT patent number. 5,788,068 clearly engraved on the body.


To show the number of users in each Sage 50 Premium DVD pack, the [3 and 5 users] pack has a round lemon green [not printed only] sticker in the lower right corner of the front of the package.


Note: User numbers are NEVER registered on the Sage 50 Quantum DVD package.

The back of each Sage 50 plastic casing MUST have a bar-code label on the back with the bar-code number and bag package clearly indicated.


If the plastic case and DVD do not have these functions, it is not a US Sage 50 Authentic product.

So watch out!!! Be smart!!! Buy the original!!!

For: * sales * installation * customization and implementation * training * support and maintenance.



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Amamkpaka Community, Ugwogo
Enugu State, Nigeria
Phone: +234 806 385 7484
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Remember that we are just starting on this series and tutorial on accounting program known as Sage 50. This article is just an introduction on the product. In my subsequent articles, I will take my readers on a step by step process in purchasing, installing, and using Sage 50 accounting.
Thanks for reading through.
I'm still your friend Max.

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