Children needs attention


Children are God's great gift given to parents in the whole world and it is our duty to take proper good care of them as well as listening to them always.

Listening to children is one thing that can be difficult especially when that kid is your child. Listening to them facilitates a smooth sailing in your relationship with your children.

Listening to them will help them err out their problems, challenges and worries instead of going out to do what they ought not to do.

Talking to them all the time doesn't mean you're paying attention and listening to them.

Listening to a child shows you love and care for them; it's the first step of solving their challenges.

You know they go out to school, picnics and other social gatherings and as such they see other children's parents how they behave and listen to them.



As a parent, you shouldn't be too busy for your child...they need your great attention and listening ears. Don't shut them up, listen first and know how to handle the situation.

If you don't understand them too well, ask questions so they express themselves well as that will help you be able to handle whatever case it is.

Sometimes, you go out from morning and then come back late at night when they're asleep.
It's not really good; those kids needs your attention.

-This is what to do:

  • Lead them to Jesus.
  • Rid them from bad friends and company.
  • Don't starve them of your love, attention and support.
  • Pray for them always.
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